Let’s Talk Eggs

Time stops for no man or woman.  This is especially true for our eggs as age impacts negatively on both the number and quality of eggs that women have. Women may want to put their fertility on hold for personal reasons or may want to preserve their ability to have a biological child in the face of a cancer diagnosis which involves chemotherapy or radiation to her pelvis.

Dr Hoo Mei Lin, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist and Fertility Specialist from TMC Fertility Centre Kota Damansara, shares with us her thoughts and views on egg cryopreservation. “A woman is at her most fertile between the ages of 20-35.  If we are busy living life, pursuing our dreams and careers, this may mean that when a woman is ready to start a family, she may experience difficulties conceiving as our fertility reduces quite drastically after 35. Many women face the unenviable decision. Do I put my dreams on hold? Do I settle for Mr Right Now or do I wait for Mr Right? Will I be able to have kids later?” says Dr Hoo.

Wouldn’t it be great if we can stop time? 

Science has now made it possible to do just that.  Egg cryopreservation or egg freezing could be your answer.  “Freezing your eggs when you are at your peak in your fertility will mean that when you aim to get pregnant at a time of your choice, you will still have eggs at its optimum.  The process involves 2-6 weeks of injections to stimulate egg production. The primary goal is to freeze 15-20 eggs for each baby you plan to have. The eggs are then vitrified and then frozen. You may experience bloating and cramps during the whole process. The procedure is not cheap but then again, what is the price you would put on ensuring your fertility?” explains Dr Hoo.

While egg freezing does not guarantee a baby, it is certainly a reliable insurance plan. Aren’t the experts always saying one should not ‘put all your eggs into one basket’?

Dr Hoo Mei Lin is a Fertility Specialist at TMC Fertility and Women’s Specialist Centre Kota Damansara. For more enquiries or to schedule an appointment, please contact +603 6287 1000, visit www.tmcfertility.com or email enquiries.ivf@tmclife.com

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